Season Fourteen
from Sunset to Sunrise

Live the Story  Experience the Passion

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A few words from Cantare's Artistic Director, Amy Solberg
Live the Story
In the choral art, music brings words to new life. A group of singers comes together to become one collective voice, sharing a message and evoking emotion through poetry, traditional sacred texts, and stories new and old. For thirteen years Cantare has presented unique programs showcasing music from all eras and genres with one goal in mind: sharing the story of the music with our audiences.

Experience the Passion
The people of Cantare, singers and board members alike, are from a variety of professions. We are teachers, doctors, professional singers, accountants, and business owners; we work in both the public and private sectors.  Our vocations are as diverse as the genres of music we perform. However, we have at least one quality in common: we are all passionate about music, and we know our audience members share in this sentiment. We are thrilled to invite you to join us as we continue our tradition of choral storytelling this season.
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